The CFO career path, what is next?

Does the CFO career trajectory play out differently in different industries? Skills of next generation finance chiefs Tales, trends from the field  

The CFO’s evolving role in managing risk and uncertainties

Risk taking in increasingly volatile and uncertain business conditions  How the expanding regulatory environment is impacting business risk and strategy? Building business resilience and agility through improved strategic risk management

How can CFOs better deal with investors

What do investors look for in financial management (capital discipline, innovation, agile budgeting etc)? What do they hate? How can CFOs avoid drawing the ire of activist investors? Continuous disclosure – in light of rising shareholder class actions, and a shortage of sell-side analysts, do we need to rethink it?

CFO, disrupted: undergoing digital transformation in finance

The rise of data: how can finance-supported analytics drive value inside and outside the finance function? How are CFOs becoming strategic advisors now vs number crunchers (CFO as a catalyst for change) Preparing for the next wave of emerging technologies: strengthening CFO-CIO relationship

CFOs state of the union

How can CFOs create new value and drive productivity gains? How is reporting changing to reflect broader expectations of company performance? What skills do today’s CFO need?

The big picture

What do businesses need from their finance leaders, besides finance? The rapid growth of non-financial reporting The CFO of the future